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Recently we were fortunate enough to hear Michael Losier (The Law of Attraction) speak on the topic of Abundance. If you ever get an opportunity to be at one of his seminars I highly recommend it.

The Power of Positive ThinkingIn order to use the law of attraction to get what you want in life, you really need to understand how it works, Michael says. Once you understand and start to put the law of attraction to work, Michael says you will find success in your career, finances, relationships and more.

If you are a business person seeking out potential clients, deliberately talk about the kind of client you are looking for, Michael says. “As I give anything attention, energy and focus, I get more of it,” he says.

If you are trying to break a bad habit, like being chronically late for appointments, Michael says you should put the law of attraction to work for you by using affirmative statements. “Say, ‘I am in the process of attracting whatever I need to do or have to be on time,'” he says.

By using the law of attraction deliberately by watching your words and thoughts, you will experience many more positive business opportunities and fewer negative occurrences, Michael says.


The Law of Attraction Seminar

The Law of Attraction & Business


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