4 ways that you can use to stay in-touch with clients, without breaking the bank! 10

Clients and prospects do need to hear from you on a fairly regular basis otherwise they will just forget you exist. If you come back a year later, even if they do remember you, they will have moved on to someone else or another service provider who is  better at taking care of their needs.

Here are some idea’s:-

Happy Birthday video email

Keep intouch the personal way!

1. Write an email newsletter filled with helpful information, -not just promoting your latest product or service-and commit to sending it regularly. Monthly is the minimum, bi-weekly is better, weekly is best.

2. Stay intouch for birthdays, anniversaries, not just the usual Christmas card. Try seasonal greetings, like Valentines cards, 4th of July or July 1st for the Canadians! Thanksgiving, even just for fun, thinking of you impromptu cards. Better still, I have learned to make them more personal with video emails. A quick, cost effective way to impact my customers, clients and prospects through one way communication. This super tool can really set you apart, and with such a thoughtful greeting, who could forget your friendly face?

3. Give them a small gift. I love sending books. But if that’s not in your budget, you can always create a free report, video or worksheet and offer it for download via your Website.

4. Pick up the phone and make contact the old fashioned way! Schedule the calls at least a couple of times a year and just ask them how they are. Novel hey!!

If you have any other tips that can keep client retention without breaking the bank please leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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