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Firstly, Welcome to my blog www.successwithsandraspence.com I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur, believe personal development in key to success and love to share tips that inspire life, health and prosperity.

On this blog you will find video’s and posts to help you, whether you’re just getting started in your business, needing direction or just looking for inspiration.

You’ll also find tools, resources and strategies on building your brand into an empire.

Ok, so on to a little about me.

I started my working career at 16 going into Nursing and later Midwifery, living in the UK.  Nursing as a career allowed me to work and travel around the world. Actually living and working in 8 countries and cruising the oceans of the world on a mega yacht, whilst also working in a career I loved. I was able to fulfill my passion for travel to distant lands, satisfy my needs for knowledge, wisdom, adventure, and communion with nature as well as other people and cultures.

What could be more rewarding? I had to search, perhaps there was even more?

Later, when I moved to Canada I combined my newly acquired Aesthetics license and became involved in the opening and managing of several Medical Aesthetic clinics. Again, another very rewarding career, but no free time.

Needing some new challenges, (hehe) I moved into Real Estate. Along the way I obtained my International real estate license and started a successful brokerage in Mexico marketing my client’s properties around the world. Back in Canada, and the real estate industry was booming, so getting licensed there I started cultivating a “farm” and working hard on branding myself. Then came the crash, and the fallout we are still living with, too many realtors, too many listings, and no buyers!

“ I’ve always believed that with enough drive and determination you can achieve anything you want in life”

All my life I have been a student of personal growth and continue to learn and grow as I integrate this knowledge into my own life. I love to share what I have learn’t with others, whether the students were expectant parents, student nurses, or new Realtors. However, the challenge had always been to find a balance incorporating my work, my passion for helping others, whilst at the same time working towards financial freedom.

Through the Law of Attraction, I believe I came across this business model in 2008. I knew others where making money online, and I had been a network marketing entrepreneur for 25 years, building teams the “3 foot way” along my travels. I began the research to take my MLM business to a virtual level through the internet and after a lot of digging and many, many, many thousands of dollars in courses and seminar’s, I finally found the “password” to the pot of gold!! Yes, this was truly inspiring.

This is a true business model which allows me to follow my passion of mentoring and working alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs to help them turn their financial dreams into reality. I am excited to be able to share this knowledge with you and to help you master your own path to true personal and financial freedom.

“I have decided not to participate in the current recession, do you want to do the same” ?

I will share with you ways you can reverse the current economic challenges and turn them
into the opportunity of your lifetime. BRAND YOU!
So again, don’t forget to get your own copy of my latest fre.e report, and thanks again for stopping by, I am looking forward to getting to know you too.



“It’s time to take action today”!


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