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Attraction marketing is not new and many of the ideas expressed in “The Secret” and other similar books have been used by Marketing folk for as long as self promotion was something that was needed to attract others to you. The key thing to understand is that attraction marketing isn’t something that

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3 rules for success

suddenly happened over the last 10 years or so because of the Internet. It is just a methodology with some simple rules.

#1: Get people attracted to YOU!

People over all the world are desperate to have knowledge on how to experience more of what brings abundance in their lives. We all have unmet wants and desires that leave us feeling unhappy. Understanding the methodology will give you both edge and key to uncover these needs and then provide people with a solution. Don’t just present a product and hope to succeed; you need to show how that product will benefit the user. People will be attracted if you can provide the tools!

#2: Become an Expert

Let’s face it. When we want to learn some new idea we turn to people who already know how to do it. We all went to school at some time or other and trusted that the person teaching us to be an expert in their field. People listen to experts! If you want to be an authority in attraction marketing industry, then you must gain knowledge of the industry marketing methods. These are simply a repeatable process that if followed yields excellent results.

Why ? Because they were developed by experts and are used by them. So can you!

After some time fine tuning the process to your liking, you can share the knowledge with others.

#3: Retain your Contacts

So you have done all the leg work and you have got people coming to you for the knowledge. You now need to provide it to them in a user friendly format and also be able to develop some loyalty that makes them want to stay around for a while. The idea here is to turn strangers into friends.

Get to know them, talk to them, devote some time to them.

It helps them gain the knowledge they need and then makes them feel comfortable going forward. It’s all about encouragement and support. They in turn will retain some loyalty to you.

There you go, simple ideas I know. However, you can sign up to all the attraction marketing campaigns you like but if you aren’t attractive, you will be wasting Time Effort and Money. Take the time each day, week, and month to follow the rules and pretty soon they will be beating a path to your door for what you have to offer.

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Neil Munro, Basic Author

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One thought on “Attraction Marketing – 3 Rules For Success

  • MichaelĂ© Harrington

    Hey Sandra,

    Great topic and you are so right, online or offline, knowledge is attractive.

    What you are doing here on your blog is a perfect example in the online world. You’re sharing knowledge that others will be attracted to.

    The wonderful about this is that you really don’t need to wait until you’re an expert, you only need to be one step ahead of the person who is seeking the knowledge you have!
    If you know more than the person seeking the knowledge, you are the expert in that persons eyes.
    .-= MichaelĂ© Harrington´s last blog ..A Simple Strategy To Create Traffic For Your Network Marketing Team =-.