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Have you had people suggesting to you that investing in brand development, positioning and messaging isn’t important? Well, just remind them that without your Brand, you will have very little left to compete with, other than price. If you don’t have control of that then you’re lost in the madding crowd.  In other words, without your brand, you’re just another commodity.

Stand out and be remembered

Stand out and be remembered

Of course your products and company may offer features and benefits that consumers need and want, but it’s all about your Brand that makes those features and benefits special and preferred.  They are extensions of your brand.  Will they function on their own without a brand to support them?  Perhaps they will, but with a Brand you are making those features and benefits much more powerful which helps to further differentiate them from anything else available on the market.  The Brand makes them special and makes customer loyalty possible. The Brand makes people search for them / You.

Your Brand is your most important asset.  Let’s take a look at some very recognizable Brands. Companies and businesses like BMW and McDonalds. Would they survive and especially thrive without their brands?  We won’t know because they invested in Branding many moons ago which has helped to grow them into leaders in their field.

The next time someone in your company suggests to you that branding isn’t important, ask them if they think the leaders of companies like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s would agree.  Unless they are stuck in the dark ages, they’re going to have to take a second look and move forward.

How are you Branding yourself or your company? I’d love to know . Go ahead and leave a comment and take a moment to share this post with your FB friends too.

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