RHODIOLA ROSEA (Russian Rhodiola)? hailed as the Anti-Aging Medicine of the 21st Century 12

Rhodiola rosea

Natural energy and weight loss

A large amount of all aging diseases (about 70-80%) are thought to occur because the stress level is too high, or stress continues too long. High-stress modern living is probably the main factor causing chronic disease and premature aging. Fortunately, Mother Nature has an answer a unique class of herbal products called “adaptogens”.

Rhodiola Rosea is one of the original and best-studied herbal adaptogens. Adaptogens help the body adapt to internal and external stressors, without stimulants or sedatives, by supporting normal physiological functions throughout the body Because adaptogens help reduce feelings of stress, many people feel increased energy and stamina while supplementing and, for this reason, its best to take Rhodiola Rosea in the morning or mid-day.

Adaptogens have the broadest spectrum of healing properties of any herbal medicine,
the main benefits are increased energy, a reduction of stress, increased endurance, greater mental alertness, and a deep and restful sleep. Also, adaptogens significantly accelerate the recovery process after illness.

Rhodiola has been used in connection with fatigue, mental performance and athletic performance (to improve endurance). The Russian doctors have traditionally given Rhodiola rosea to their cosmonauts, soldiers, sportsmen and aging political leaders as an effective anti-aging medicine. Russian Rhodiola helped them to improve cognitive functions and physical performance.

It may be successfully taken by drivers, flight personnel, traffic controllers, anyone occupationally engaged in work requiring increased attention.

Rhodiola rosea – natural weight loss
Bulgarian researchers have demonstrated that intake of the herbal remedy Rhodiola rosea activates hormone-sensitive lipase, which plays a key role in breaking down the fat stored in adipose tissue .

Rhodiola has been the subject of many clinical studies. No side effects or interactions have been reported. Animal studies indicate that rhodiola has a low level of toxicity. As always, don’t take Rhodiola during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

It is best taken before breakfast and lunch, and before an afternoon workout if necessary. It is not recommended to take Rhodiola Rosea after dinner or in the evening, as it can be stimulating and may cause insomnia.

Rhodiola rosea is a powerful anti-aging, anti-stress formula, and is now more widely accepted in Europe and the USA. In today’s fast paced culture, I don’t think we can ignore this natural medicine any longer. Don’t wait until you have a day off, maybe next week. Why not do your own research so your week will be more productive?

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