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I just read a great post by my friend Val Wilcox and it prompted me to share a Mind Movie I made about a year ago. I ran this movie on my desktop as a screen saver so that it was there all day! I also started and finished each day looking at it. Well I don’t have the garage full of Ferrari’s but that’s to come! Many other things have arrived and it’s still only one year later.

MindMovie create your own destiny!

The Red Ferrari clones in your garage!

This “Mind Movie” is video filled with powerful affirmations, and emotionally inspiring images. By watching this video twice a day you are commanding the universe to bring you the people, and resources required to make your dreams a reality. Why Do Mind Movies Work?

They work because they leverage off the extreme power of the Law of Attraction. Basically this means that if you believe something with all of your soul, then it becomes true.

People have utilized this amazing effect for thousands of years to become happy and successful. It’s also rooted in the science of psychology that your sub conscious mind is constantly trying to close the gap between what you perceive, and what is real.

The problem is that most people don’t perceive what they want to become reality, and so they are being counter productive.

Mind Movies takes the already powerful Law of Attraction, and literally puts it on steroids. This is because Mind Movies are able to inspire more emotion by engaging as many senses as possible, and by being extremely easy to watch and create.

Thousands of people have already discovered the life changing power of Mind Movies, and have decided to make their own. Its easy and fun and this one took me a day to create. The best thing about creating it was that it makes you really take the time to dream big, what does Abundance mean to you. Have you heard the famous quote by Napoleon Hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich”…” what-ever the mind can conceive and believe, It Can Achieve. ” Make your own movie, It’s easy and its fun.

Imagine the Incredible Feeling of Finally Realizing all of Your Dreams Too! you can do it, in a way that accelerates your power to manifest as effortlessly as “flipping on the switch” to the Law of Attraction.

It’s even more than the power of your mind… it’s harnessing the power of your heart, mind, spirit, and the power of the Universe to say YES to you.


Here’s to your unlimited success!


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7 thoughts on “Visualization and getting results quickly

  • Dena-Lynn

    Hi Sandra,

    Videos are so powerful – absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your mind movie – you certainly inspired me to create one of my own. Although I do have an off-line type dream board, I’d prefer a video because it’s so much more stimulating, engaging, and emotionally compelling. Videos will help me maximize my efforts towards the success that I envision. Awesome idea, Sandra and great post!


  • Val Wilcox

    Hi Sandra,
    This is a perfect way to visualize your dream life. These mind movies are something you create, using your own ideas, dreams & thoughts to trigger your subconscious mind into knowing this is what you want in your life. You’re right, it doesn’t happen overnight, but it begins the process of opening up to all the possibilities there are!

    I appreciate that mention! Have an awesome day,
    Val 😉

  • Renee Chase

    Hi Sandra,

    Boy, you’re speaking my language here. I am such a believer in the Law of Attraction and have proven its power over and over. It is amazing what can happen when we focus on what we want and we believe that we will have it! So powerful!

    Have a wonderful day … I’m off to my dream board! 🙂


  • Brett Beasley

    Success and The laws of attraction are contagous.

    I want to look at myself in the mirror and say I am committed,passionate and am good at what i do and my financially successful life be living working proof.

    Eventually time leveraging time management skills will make the difference in being basically successful and very successful.I am looking forwrd to that day.

    My hourly daily planner is humming “fill me in Successful Sandra Spence”.