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The Merriam-Webster definition of a tribe A social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together with slaves, dependents, or adopted strangers

Today the term tribe is used as a slang term for an unofficial community of people who share a common interest, and usually who are loosely affiliated with each other through social media or other internet mechanisms.

The Tribe supports you

The Tribe supports you!

Therefore a tribe is a group of people connected to an idea, connected to a leader and connected to each other. What does this mean for you, the online marketer or individual building your business today?  Being a member of a Tribe is like becoming a member of a Master Mind group whose purpose is not only support, inspiration and accountability it’s also “syndication” in the blogging world. Members read and comment, tweet and share each other’s posts. The purpose of which is to drive more traffic to the blog, increasing their Google ranking.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, first defined the mastermind as a “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Hill’s concept of the “Master Mind” was inspired by Andrew Carnegie, who was a wealthy steel magnate. According to Hill: “Mr. Carnegie’s Master Mind group consisted of a staff of approximately fifty men, with whom he surrounded himself, for the DEFINITE PURPOSE of manufacturing and marketing steel. He attributed his entire fortune to the POWER he accumulated through this ‘Master Mind.’”

Since the publication of Think and Grow Rich in the 1937, the idea of mastermind groups has grown and evolved to become a staple tool of successful individuals.

Some of the benefits of having a supportive mastermind group are:-

Ø  You have a group of people who are available to help you succeed.

Ø  You get the benefits of different perspectives, input and feedback.

Ø  Your mastermind team can bring resources and connections to the table you might not have had if you had been on your own.

Ø  You are made accountable and receive inspiration from the group, therefore enabling you to remain focused on achieving your goals.

Napoleon Hill even went so far as to say there was a mystical quality created when a mastermind group was formed. He said: “No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”

In other words, your ability to create things in the world is increased by having that invisible “third mind” of the mastermind group.

Creating your own Mastermind group does not necessarily require 50 men, as Carnegie used. It can be a group as small as two people or as big as your ability to coordinate it.

There are two basic types of mastermind groups: One which is focused on the success and vision of one individual, and one that is focused on helping everyone in the group.

The mastermind group Carnegie had was solely directed at his personal vision. The 50 men in the group were not all there to discuss their own projects. They were all focused on one main goal, that of building a steel empire.

This is the classical definition of a mastermind group, but as a Tribe we are focusing on both the support and growth of each other and “syndication” is the name of the game. That being said, wonderful relationships are being created and the benefits are as a Master Mind group develops it can go on to create joint ventures and global friendships for life.

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Creating your own Mastermind Group that is dedicated to helping you achieve your personal goals, you can simply reach out to people in your network and explain to them that you are seeking their help as an adviser and part of your mastermind team. Consider this your own personal board of directors. Actually you will be surprised how willing most people are to assist when asked, since most feel it is an honor to be asked for advice or an opinion. And with current live broadcasting abilities you can easily arrange video meetings with your entire global team in the comfort of your own home.

I am a member of the Empowered Tribe, a tribe of hundreds of members, and from there we built a smaller group of individuals who connected to embrace the Mastermind concept.

Here’s to your tribal success!


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11 thoughts on “What is a Tribe and how can it benefit me?

  • Dena-Lynn

    Hi Sandra,

    This is a great explanation of how the term tribe has evolved and especially what it means to an online marketer today to belong to a tribe mastermind group. I know of instances where businesses literally took off because of their tribe mastermind association. I also know of instances where belonging to a tribe mastermind helped solve the confusion, anxiety, or loneliness of marketing online. Yes – tribes are definitely the way to go for me. And, I’m happy to be a member of the Empowered Tribe with you 🙂


  • Val Wilcox

    Love how you pulled Tribes and Mastermind groups together. Sometimes we tend to see these as two separate entities, but they truly are one in the same.

    The synergy and ideas that flow from a mastermind group is awesome. Of course it depends on the mix of the group. Connections and the dynamics behind those make all the difference in the world.

    Val 🙂

  • Dimple Arora

    Tribes are a stellar idea! The great thing about tribes is that as ideas continue to flow, the people within the mastermind continue to evolve and the businesses of those leaders continue to thrive. Love this post! Thanks for sharing!

  • brigitte charlon

    Aloha Sandra,
    What a nice, clear, and valuable blog that I discover today, and reading your post.
    I like that you put tribes and Mastermind groups on the stage, as `I believe they are very important part of the life blowing within our business of networkers.
    I feel we have here the essence of networks, so we should give it’s place to it, as you do today here.
    Thank you Sandra !